Spousal Support

Spousal Support…

is also known as alimony or maintenance. It is money paid by one spouse to the other after a separation or divorce. There are many factors that determine whether a married or common-law spouse is entitled to spousal support and how much support they should receive.

These factors are established by the Canadian Federal Government which publishes the Spousal Support Advisory Guidelines. Here is a free online spousal support calculator for BC which will give a very general range but which cannot be considered a valid substitute for legal advice; always remember your situation is unique.

Spousal support is not necessary for all separation and divorce cases. In most cases spousal support is intended to be a temporary measure to assist the lower income earning spouse to get back on their feet.

Some Factors…

in establishing spousal support include:

  • Age of both relational partners
  • Earning power and earning potential
  • Division of property, particularly if one spouse has ended up with the marital home or significant assets
  • sacrificing a career to further the other spouse’s career to raise children
  • The history of the marriage
  • Support through schooling
  • Ill health

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