Separation Agreements

Never make an important legal decision without…

consulting experienced legal counseleven the best lawyer hires a lawyer to negotiate and draft a legal contract. This is because it is impossible to make an objective judgement about one’s own life. At Fleetwood Family Law we frequently see the client who, in an effort to avoid expense,  or to make a graceful exit, has signed a contract they have written themselves and are now deeply regretting. The expense and the angst of undoing a bad agreement can be profound.

You might jeopardize your mobility, your time with your children, and your financial well-being far into the future by attempting to navigate this bit of legal terrain on your own. Our experienced team of lawyers specialize in crafting fair and binding agreements with your best interest in mind.

Why Fleetwood Family Law?

Fleetwood Family Law has liberated dozens of people and unshackled them from shoddy and unfair separation agreements. If you are now dealing with the unintended consequences of having signed such a contract, let us help you out of it.

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