Child Support


What are your obligations?

While most people are familiar with the concept of “child support”, the intricacies and details can be elusive. Child support is typically determined by Federal Child Support Guidelines. Courts are loathe to permit couples to divorce unless children are being supported in compliance with these Guidelines.  Of course, exceptions can be made, and Fleetwood Family Law can assist.

While many people believe a parent’s child support obligation terminates once the child turns 19, this is not necessarily true.   Whether the court will continue to require child support to be paid will depend on the parties’ means and the child’s potential for independence. We understand how to tip the balance in your favour when it comes to this issue.

Determining income for child support purposes can also be a hornet’s nest.  Under-employed spouses may need to have income “imputed” to them.  Spouses who are self employed may divert income through complicated -but often legal- tax deductions that present difficulties for determining their income for child support purposes. We regularly address this situation with great success so let us apply our breadth of experience to protecting your -and your children’s- financial interests.

Parents who share parenting time on an approximately equal basis usually pay child support based on their respective incomes. This results in a “set-off” payment by the higher income-earning spouse to the lower-income earning spouse.  But not always.  Our lawyers are happy to give you advice on this matter as well.

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