New Project to Give Children a Real Voice in B.C. Courts

Legal battles between parents often take a terrible toll on kids.

The Society for Children and Youth of BC (SCY) has launched an exciting new initiative that provides free legal advice directly to minors in need. Children up to age 19 can phone 778-657-5544 or toll free at 1-877-462-0037 or click here and make an appointment to speak privately with a lawyer about any family law issue. Kids who live outside of Vancouver can usually speak to someone over the phone.

Navigating a family law case is a high-stakes venture, especially when parental rights are concerned. There are a lot of factors, both new and old, that can influence the final outcome. That’s why any party in family court proceedings should seriously consider contacting a lawyer who specializes in this area. You need an experienced lawyer who is focused on current trends and changes in the legal landscape of family law.