Divorce Lawyers in Surrey, B.C.

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    Why choose our Divorce Lawyers in Surrey, BC?

    When another Surrey divorce lawyer recommends us or chooses our law firm to represent them in their own divorce it is the greatest compliment. Experienced lawyers know that the best divorce lawyer in BC can be found by watching their arguments in the courtroom, by digging into published decisions – but not necessarily by paying more to visit a shiny downtown office tower. You will be in good hands choosing the Surrey divorce lawyers at Fleetwood Family Law to represent you. If you’re unsure, it may be helpful for you to visit the courthouse and listen to a trial being conducted by one of our lawyers.

    Exclusive Divorce and Family Law Focus

    Our role in the courtroom is to educate the judge about your case and about the relevant sections of the BC Family Law Act. The judge may have no background in family law, and relies on us, as friends of the court, to clearly convey the heart of the matter. We are not general practitioners – we focus exclusively on family law matters. We do not “dabble”.  

    When Divorce Litigation is the Only Option

    Having your family law matter heard in court may be necessary when domestic violence is a barrier to fair negotiation, or when one or both parties are too firmly entrenched in their position to be able to compromise. Even though the court process can be arduous and expensive, at times it is necessary. Custody / Guardianship disputes are particularly stressful for all concerned. There are times when a judge –  after hearing all the details of the family law matter – must be the final arbiter of justice.

    Confidence in Court

    Although most clients settle partway through the divorce process, the lawyers at Fleetwood Family Law are excellent litigators who can walk with you through the entire process with confidence.  They are not timid about going to court. They will not be intimidated. You will never be pressed to accept less than your best option just because your lawyer fears court.  Our lawyers will apply the law with precision to your unique situation. They will build the case that will be to your best advantage. They have gained many years of valuable experience as practicing divorce lawyers in Surrey, BC. Let Fleetwood Family Law share the benefit of this knowledge with you.


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      Couples seeking divorce in Surrey, BC usually…

      try to come up with a plan for how they will manage important areas of married life, separately.

      A “Separation Agreement” is the legal document that is required by the British Columbia Family Law Act in order to obtain a divorce. It must address the following main issues:

      • Custody and Guardianship
      • Access (Parenting Time)
      • Child Support
      • Parenting Responsibilities regarding
        • education
        • physical and mental health
        • extracurricular activities and expenses
      • Division of Property including
        • the marital home
        • other real estate
        • business assets
        • pensions and all other assets

      Now that the marriage is over and divorce is the decided course of action, a separation agreement is the binding contract that will set out how you should deal with each other. Most couples try to draft a separation agreement through negotiation or through a lawyer. For those who are able to follow such an agreement, these couples are usually granted an uncontested divorce.

      Contesting a divorce

      If negotiation has not resulted in a fair separation agreement, or if one or both parties have been unable to adhere to the agreement, then all contested matters will need to be decided in court before a divorce will be granted. Fleetwood Family Law can represent your case to the court through mounting a meticulously prepared – yet succinct – case. We have the acquired experience to understand how to navigate the unexpected, how to turn on a dime strategically – within the courtroom and outside it.  There’s a lot to know about practicing family law in Surrey, British Columbia, and knowing your way around the BC Family Law Act is only half the story. A lawyer who attends court regularly becomes known to the court, therefor his or her reputation for honest dealing is always paramount.

      Effective and Forthright Representation

      By taking a concise, straightforward stand on the presentation of your case, you will benefit in a multitude of ways. Firstly, you will save on costs; there are numerous savings to be had by laying the case out in a concise, yet thorough manner. Full financial disclosure usually saves many thousands down the road in any family law matter.

      Secondly, you will decrease your stress; the painstakingly meticulous unwinding of lies, omissions and obfuscations are the bread and butter of divorce lawyers. We would never lead our clients to build an expensive house of cards due to having successfully collapsed so many of them.

      Commonly Searched Terms
      Top Divorce Lawyers in Surrey

      At Fleetwood Family Law, our divorce lawyers in Surrey know that coming to the point of applying for a BC divorce is a huge step that takes courage and even love for oneself. Divorce is the beginning of a new life, and with it, comes proper planning and setting yourself up for life after divorce. For this reason, approaching separation and all issues relating to it, including financial, support and parenting time can be overwhelming. Even small mistakes can cost fortunes and children’s lives may be harmed.

      Planning a new life and making sure your separation and divorce provide enough for the next chapter means you will need proper guidance from a trained individual who can advise you of your options, pitfalls, compromises and strategies to get to where you need to get. For that reason, having a competent divorce lawyer is crucial and essential to every divorce case.

      Why Hire A Divorce Lawyer in Surrey

      Whether you have settled everything or not, our divorce lawyers will take your hand and lead you through all loops and holes, all the confusion and all the difficulties you may experience as you navigate this process. Divorce in Surrey, BC is complicated and expensive. We don’t deny that. But sometimes if you try to do something so complicated yourself, you may lose much more than you save. We have seen this first hand in so many cases.

      Consult with a Surrey divorce lawyer before you take any further steps so that you fully understand your rights.

      Grounds for Divorce – Divorce Lawyers in Surrey

      The Divorce Act governs divorce in British Columbia and Canada. To be eligible for a divorce in BC, you or your spouse must be a primary resident of BC for at least one year. You may begin the process and apply for divorce if you or your spouse currently live in British Columbia and plan to reside here for at least one year, but the divorce cannot be ordered until you have been living in BC for at least one year.

      You must have grounds to divorce in BC. Valid grounds for divorce in Surrey may include:

      • Separation for at least one year,
      • Adultery or,
      • Physical or Mental Cruelty

      There are two types of divorce: uncontested or contested.

      Uncontested Divorce in Surrey

      Our uncontested divorce lawyers know that if both you and your spouse are amicable and reasonable, you will reach a settlement on all issues in your case. In this case, all you have to do is to let the court know and ask for a BC divorce. You do not have to appear in court, but rather the judge signs an order of divorce that may incorporate your settlement terms. An uncontested divorce essentially means you agree on everything, including child support, child custody arrangements, spousal support, and property and debt division. Contact our Surrey divorce lawyers by calling 604-575-1333 or contact us.

      Contested Divorce in Surrey

      A contested divorce does not mean you contest the actual divorce, but rather the terms of your divorce which relate to property division, support payments, custody, or parenting time. Our contested divorce lawyers can help you and your spouse reach a separation agreement through mediation. In fact, most divorces settle before trial. Although our experienced lawyers do all we can to avoid a costly, time-consuming trial, we are prepared to litigate your case in court if necessary to protect your rights.

      High Net Worth Divorce | High Net Worth Divorce Lawyers in Surrey

      High net worth typically involves complex assets valued at more than $1 million. Common issues that may arise during a high net worth divorce include tax liability, valuation of businesses, income reporting, estate matters, spousal support, child support and damage control. At Fleetwood Family law, we are ready to handle high net worth and high stakes divorces in Surrey. Because family law is our practice focus, we have perfected our methods and continually refine our approach to deliver innovative, efficient, successful representation.

      Confidential Case Evaluation

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