Uncontested Divorce Orders


couples have already come to an agreement with respect to the children, the division of their assets and debts, and arrangements for maintenance. The only legal issue remaining is to obtain a divorce. If you believe your spouse will not oppose your divorce application then this is a relatively inexpensive -but deceptively tricky- endeavour. Let the lawyers at Fleetwood Family Law walk you through the entire process, from drafting the Notice of Family Claim, to preparing the final order and supporting materials for the court. We’re here to help.

To obtain an uncontested divorce, you will require an original marriage certificate which is easy to apply for through the BC Vital Statistics Online Ordering System. Other parts of the process are somewhat more complicated, but we can complete the remaining divorce process for you efficiently and correctly. 

The Five Stages of Grief During Your Uncontested Divorce

It's no secret that getting a divorce is one of the most stressful experiences a person can go through. In addition to the emotional rollercoaster, there's also the daunting task of untangling your life from your spouse's. If you're lucky enough to have an uncontested...

Is my spouse hiding assets?

Asset Division is often the most important aspect in a contested divorce.Unlike other matters which can be modified if circumstances change post-divorce, property division is usually final. However, recent legislative changes such as the LOTR will provide a new lens...

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