Matthew Brandon

About Matthew Brandon

Matthew Brandon has focused exclusively on Family Law in Surrey, British Columbia for more than 12 years, and has become the lawyer that other family law lawyers turn to for representation during divorce.

It’s gratifying when he finds that a new client has been referred by an opposing party who regrets not having hired him. Occasionally, staff from various local courthouses will send their family members to him for legal advice after watching Matt litigate a case.

Matt is recognised among his peers as an honest lawyer who provides sound advice, excellent strategy and great litigation skills – for a reasonable rate. Don’t pay a premium for a downtown firm. Don’t waste your time in traffic. The judge won’t care if your lawyer drives a Bentley, so why should you?

When you are dealing with complicated, extremely emotional family law issues such as divorcecustody, child support, spousal support and property division, you need a lawyer who will understand your position and guide you through the legal process with compassion – and expertise.


The best lawyers are willing to litigate

Matthew Brandon strives to resolve his clients’ matters in an amicable fashion whenever possible, but always maintains the willingness to fight tenaciously when negotiations break down. Matt is a strategic trial lawyer, as well as a seasoned mediation advocate. The best divorce lawyer is always willing to litigate. If you are choosing divorce, you would do well to avoid hiring a lawyer who shies away from arguing your case in the courtroom, particularly when the opposing party is being unreasonable. You never want the opposing party to have the upper hand in your life-altering, high stakes divorce case simply because opposing counsel is more comfortable in the courtroom. Sadly, it’s common for lawyers who are shy of court to capitulate early, or completely fail to advocate effectively due to fear of the courtroom. Although Matt will not drive a matter to court, he is happy to be fully engaged in defending his client by laying out clear arguments in court to ensure that their full story is heard.

Matt has served on the Board of Directors for Evans Lake Summer Camp in Squamish, where he met his wife and made many lifelong friendships. He is an active member of the Fleetwood Business Improvement Association, CBA Westminster Family Law Group and the Surrey Bar Association.
Matt received his undergraduate degree in Social Work from the University of Victoria before attending the UBC Faculty of Law. Matthew was called to the bar in 2009.