Parental Alienation

Parental Alienation

Though every child should receive the full benefit of two capable, loving parents, a competitive situation can arise during divorce wherein one parent succeeds in vilifying the other to the extent which meets the threshold of Parental Alienation: the child no longer wants to be with you, the alienated parent. 

If your child is:

    • Hearing the private details of the marriage breakdown,
    • Being regularly tempted by special activities scheduled to interfere with your parenting time, 

    • Forbidden to bring belongings with them between homes, or

    • Being made to feel guilty for enjoying time with you,

then a competitive parental relationship has developed.

Why choose us?

Ongoing Parental Alienation has been known to erode the parent-child relationship beyond repair. Fleetwood Family Law can seek court-ordered help for your children. The court may suspend your spouse’s parenting time while the children receive the intensive counseling they need to re-build a balanced, loving relationship with both parents.

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