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This page is dedicated to the past – and future – clients of South Surrey and White Rock. Thank you for the referrals, and for choosing Fleetwood Family Law to represent you. (Previously LBLaw) For those who are searching for a lawyer for the first time, I hope that this page will help you to find us online, and that reading about our history will help you to feel comfortable reaching out. The dissolution of a relationship can feel like life has turned upside-down. We can offer clarity and a path forward.

Trusted, Experienced South Surrey & White Rock Divorce Lawyers

We have practiced family law exclusively, primarily in Surrey, for over a decade. While law firms can never claim to be experts at law, we have gained a level of expertise that defines us in our field. Since 2008, my staff and I have been arguing Provincial Court family law cases for clients at the Surrey Courthouse and BC Supreme Court family law cases at the New Westminster Courthouse.

White Rock Boardwalk

On a New Path. White Rock, BC 

New Westminster Courthouse (British Columbia)

New Westminster Courthouse

Global Advocacy in South Surrey and White Rock

Occasionally, we travel to the island,  Abbotsford or Vancouver to represent our clients. Sometimes our clients have international family law matters that require witnesses to testify from abroad. On occasion we have argued for family relocation under the Hague Convention. But, our focus is justice in South Surrey, and our role as a friend of the court is to inform the judge here in BC of the law and facts of the case. Steady referrals from courthouse staff and other lawyers is gratifying validation that we are doing things right.

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Hiring a lawyer is a big decision. It’s important to find someone who knows the law, and will learn all the details of your case- even if that means eventually deciding to omit details that aren’t relevant or helpful to your case. Time in court is costly! An experienced lawyer who has forged deep knowledge in their area is essential. Some of our cases can be found on Canlii but many more were settled in the hallways. We’ve helped a lot of families re-start their lives.

Crescent Beach in White Rock

The white rock of White Rock, BC

White Rock Pier Shops

Crescent Beach Eateries

South Surrey and White Rock – My Old Stomping Grounds

My childhood was spent fishing off the White Rock Pier, riding our bikes to Crescent Beach and wiggling in a desk all day at Sunnyside Elementary (which is gone now). The area of the house I first grew up in is now called Morgan Creek. Riding my bike from there to school everyday, I didn’t imagine myself practicing as a Divorce Lawyer. I would never have guessed that those cow pastures would one day become the contested properties of my clients.

Big City, Small Town

I feel like Surrey and I grew up together, and it’s a pleasure to discover clients I knew years ago. As a teen, I worked for Ocean Park Pizza, doing deliveries until the wee hours in my 1975 AMC Hornet. It’s surprising how often clients figure out that they know me from middle school days at Earl Marriott, or from our days at Semihamoo Highschool, (Go Totems!) I worked for Surrey Parks and Rec throughout high school, and then at White Rock Parks and Rec, running summer programs, so between co-workers and kids, deja vu happens quite often for my clients. That was all before driving the Zamboni at Centennial Arena during college, which is about as close to being “cool” as I ever got.

South Surrey & White Rock Area

Crescent Beach, South Surrey, BC

We’re Here When You Need Us

I hope that knowing a bit about me helps to make you feel comfortable to reach out if you need legal advice. When it comes to legal issues, it’s important to know your options as early as possible.

Directions from South Surrey – White Rock

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We’re here for you by phone, online and in person. Conveniently located, Fleetwood Family Law is about a 20 minute drive from most South Surrey neighbourhoods. 

Possible Routes include:

via 152 St (Fastest route) – View Directions on Google Maps

via 168 St – View Directions on Google Maps

via 152 St and 168 St – View Directions on Google Maps


Directions from South Surrey / White Rock to Fleetwood Family Law

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We would love to hear about your case. Get in touch, let us know what’s going on and we’ll help you out. That’s what we’re here for.

What our Clients Say:
Is White Rock BC a good place to live?

Yes! In fact, according to Maclean’s Magazine, the City of White Rock is the 236th best place to live in Canada. With that being said, Metro Vancouver in general is a wonderful place to live, and it’s worth noting that Maclean’s annual report put White Rock near the bottom of this list.

What is White Rock known for?

White Rock, BC is known as a resort town and is a very popular destination in the summer. It has beautiful coastline, beaches, pier and an array of trendy restaurants and cafes. If you plan on visiting White Rock, be sure to go for a walk along the waterfront. At over 1540 feet in length, it’s the longest pier in Canada.

Why is it called White Rock?

White Rock is named for a large white boulder on its beach near the promenade, a glacial erratic that migrated south during the last glaciation. As for why its actually white, well, that was due to shellfish-eating seabirds whose guano covered the rock. Not too bad though, considering 19th-century sailors used it as a beacon.

What areas are in South Surrey?

The neighbourhoods of South Surrey include Crescent Beach, Crescent Heights, Elgin, Chantrell Creek, Morgan Creek, Grandview Heights, Hazelmere, Ocean Park, and Sunnyside. In fact, most of South Surrey lies in White Rock, BC.

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