Pre-Nuptial Agreements

Secure your assets with a Pre-Nuptial Agreement…

(Legally known as a Marriage Agreement)

Not all couples begin their lives together with equal asset wealth.  If you are considering marriage or cohabitation and this is a concern for you, consider contacting a family law lawyer.  A Pre-Nuptial / Marriage Agreement is designed to secure your rights in the unfortunate event of a breakdown in your relationship. Fleetwood Family Law is able to assist you in understanding and planning for your future financial well-being, including the preparation of a Pre-Nuptial /Marriage Agreement, and a Will made in contemplation of marriage.

Sometimes, however, what was fair at the outset ceases to be fair in the face of life’s events.  The experienced lawyers at Fleetwood Family Law have repeatedly succeeded in overturning unfair Pre-Nuptial/ Marriage Agreements, resulting in a much greater division of assets than the Agreement provided. Our litigation experience has informed how we will craft a solid Agreement for you at the outset of your relationship.  We will protect your interests.

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