Custody issues are…

often among the most heart-wrenching aspects of a divorce case. Unreasonable and vindictive parents can cause life-altering damage to children caught in the middle of divorce disputes. The lawyers at Fleetwood Family Law do not engage in battles which use children as pawns.  Clients who begin their divorce journey looking to wreak revenge on their child’s parent gradually see the error of it and adopt more moderate views. By doing so, they win much more in terms of general happiness, and save much more by not chasing vengeance.

  At Fleetwood Family Law we will work with you to achieve the best outcome for your child. Under the BC Family Law Act,  birth parents are assumed the guardians of the child and are expected to share parental responsibilities. If you want sole custody, you must get an Order where the court makes an exception to the default rule, and to achieve this, you must present convincing evidence of problems between the parent  and child – not between yourself and the other parent.


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